one answer choice was “you, sir, must be utterly gratified to have created such a splendid episode.”

♥ the most cliched story. EVER. ♥

so there was this pretty girl wearing a beautiful white dress standing on a street corner and all of a sudden, a bus drives by and splashes her with muddy water! her dress is ruined! so she gets all sad but then this guy shows up. he was her childhood crush :D and he takes her home and stuff. so she falls in love with him again and he loves her too. then out of nowhere, his exgirlfriend, who everone thought was dead, shows up! o: and she gets jealous of the girl with the white dress and she wants her exboyfriend back. so she hires an assassin to kill the girl with the white dress. the assassin managed to kidnap the girl, but took one look at her and was in love. he refused to kill her and tried to get her to love him back. that didnt work, so he tried to kill the other guy instead. but he did not succeed. the boyfriend went into a coma instead. the girl tells the assassin “i love the other guy, youre a bad person and i will never love you!” so he commits suicide D: well the girl visits the boyfriend every single day for many years. she is so sad and one day doesnt visit him. that one day was the day the exgirlfriend decides to come just because. he wakes up! so now you would think the girl gets to be with her boyfriend again… but NO he sees the exgirlfriend and lost all his memory! D: he thinks the exgirlfriend is his girlfriend that has been visiting the past years! so the real girlfriend finds out and is heartbroken.. what happened wasnt fair. but she tried to keep friends with him at least so that maybe one dday he might gain his memory back. one day they were hanging out and she was wearing another dress, and spills something on it! and just like that, HIS MEMORY RETURNES! so just as this happens, she has to move to another country for her job! oh no! so she keeps in touch with the guy but feels they are getting more distanced :( and the exgirlfriend thinks, “this is my chance!” and so she tries to get the guy to like her again. but one day he tells her, “i think we have a misunderstanding, i do not love you, i love her.” so she gets depressed, goes to a bar, gets drunk, and makes a plan to kill him. “if i cannot have him, no one can” so somehow the girl in the faraway country finds out about this plan, and rushes back to save him. just as he is about to be killed, she saves him! yay! the police show up and take the exgirlfriend to a mental institute because shes gone crazy. and the girlfriend is crying and saying “you dont love me anymore” but he says “no i do love you,” takes out a wedding ring, and says “will you marry me?” he explains that he has been working late hours to save up for the ring, which is why he hasnt been able to contact her as often which is why she thought he didnt love her anymore. she said yes and they got married. they lived happily ever after ♥ ♥